Sampler Napkins, almost…

Fresh off the loom

Instead of making the 8″ Four Shaft Color & Weave sampler blanket from Janet Phillip’s Exploring Woven Fabrics, I decided to expand the draft into 8 napkins, plus some room for play at the end. This was a fabulous project, I really enjoyed seeing how each wefting was affected by the different light/dark threadings (1×1, 2×2, 4×4).

Of course, now they need cutting, hemming, washing & pressing. The towels I took off the loom in May, 2020 😳 are still awaiting the final hems. Obviously, not my favorite part of the process!

Wefting 1
Weftings 5 & 6
Wefting 13, Hopsack
Weftings 17 & 18
Weftings 20 & 21
Wefting 20, w/gold & navy weft
2/2 Twill, gold weft, and wefting 11, gold & navy weft

Recliner Bob is done and gone!

Finally fixed the mistakes, washed and pressed. Overall, fairly pleased. The fold line is crap, but it was my first DW project. Probably should have started smaller 😉

But it will be in Texas in plenty of time for my dad, for Christmas, and hopefully, he’ll love it!

Valley Yarns’ 2/10 Merino Tencel, 16 EPI &PPI, finished size 82 1/4” x 42”

More details here.