Sampler Napkins, almost…

Fresh off the loom

Instead of making the 8″ Four Shaft Color & Weave sampler blanket from Janet Phillip’s Exploring Woven Fabrics, I decided to expand the draft into 8 napkins, plus some room for play at the end. This was a fabulous project, I really enjoyed seeing how each wefting was affected by the different light/dark threadings (1×1, 2×2, 4×4).

Of course, now they need cutting, hemming, washing & pressing. The towels I took off the loom in May, 2020 😳 are still awaiting the final hems. Obviously, not my favorite part of the process!

Wefting 1
Weftings 5 & 6
Wefting 13, Hopsack
Weftings 17 & 18
Weftings 20 & 21
Wefting 20, w/gold & navy weft
2/2 Twill, gold weft, and wefting 11, gold & navy weft


  1. Lyn, these are fabulous. My gosh, the work that went into these napkins. Amazing!

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    1. Lyn says:

      Thank you! Are you ever going to be in La Grange again? I’m going down every other month now!


      1. I don’t have plans to be in LG any time soon. I thought I might make it on this trip, but had too many doc appointments spaced out so couldn’t go. I don’t plan to be back in the states until next year, but I may try another trip in the fall depending on Covid.


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