One down

The first scarf is off the loom, blocked, fringe trimmed and ready to wear. I’m really very pleased with this one!


It has a lovely drape and is incredibly soft.

I love the way the 3-1 twill creates such distinctive sides:

Front and back, post-blocking

Front and back, post blocking

Best compliment, from Son #4, “You could wear this and people would ask where you bought it.” High praise, indeed!


Details: on loom- 13 1/4″ x 73″, 9.8 PPI

Off loom- 13 3/4″ x 68″

Post blocking- 13″ x 65″, 12 PPI

Ravelry link

So, on to the rest of the warp, choosing a different weft and perhaps a 2-2 twill this time?


About 36" woven

About 36″ woven

The warp is long enough for two 72″ scarves, so this is about halfway through the first.


Very pleased with the 1-3 twill, it makes each side of the fabric very distinctive.

Right side detail

Right side detail

Originally planned for a balanced weave, with warp at 22 EPI, but my weft is more like 13-14 PPI. Feels right, but we’ll see how it is after blocking!