Warm Up, Mark Making Ex. 0.4 and Summary

The last warm up exercise calls for larger paper, and marks of our own choosing.

Masking fluid, graphite and ink

Masking fluid, graphite and ink

This page is actually from my sketch book, but I liked the way these three mediums worked together, so I decided to try that again in the larger format:

Graphite, charcoal, ink and masking fluid

Graphite, charcoal, ink and masking fluid

It was interesting to plan out the different layers, and adding some marks after the masking fluid came off.

Back and white ink

Black and white ink

I applied the black ink with a sponge first, then used a drawing stick for both black and white lines. I like the high-contrast feel of this piece, the way the white pops out on top of the black ink. I had played around with it in my sketchbook first:

Balck and white ink

Black and white ink

Warm Up Summary

Trying all the different mediums and techniques has been great at helping me relax, and not be scared of the blank page!

The unconventional tools weren’t nearly as effective as the conventional tools, but some did provide a look that you wouldn’t get with anything else, so always worth trying. It was certainly something I might not have thought to do before this course.

India ink is something I can see using again in the future, I love the boldness of it when used undiluted, and the contrast it provides against some of the softer tools, such as graphite.

The warm up exercises helped me feel more confident about trying different mediums and tools, and not worry about whether or not I draw well, but more about using the different mediums creatively. I also moved from using my sketchbook solely to sketch with pencils, and more to experiment with different ideas and techniques, and I can see this being very important for future projects.

Warm Up, Mark Making Ex. 0.1

These exercises, 0.1-0.4, are all about playing with tools, both conventional and not, and trying different mediums and techniques. The first sheet, I simply tried out the different graphite pencils, to get a feel for range of hard to soft, and the second sheet, I used the word prompts:


This sheet was my first tine playing with India Ink, which I enjoyed using:


Especially using the India Ink pens, here just playing in my sketchbook:


The finer pens are almost like markers. At the other end, SB is more like a paintbrush.

Even though it had less control, I liked the character it gave to the sketch:

IMG_1667I also did other sheets using markers (or Sharpies); black & white wax (combined with ink or graphite); graphite while holding the pencils differently, or moving my arm from the wrist vs. elbow (surprising how much difference that can make).