Off The Hook

Off the Hook

The A4, and last, collage for Ex 2.3, Line.

I like the idea of using small, individual shapes to form the line. If I had formed the shape by having all the fish going in one continuous direction, I think it would have added more motion to the piece. However, I do rather like the notion of them attacking the boat!

Smoke on the Water

This piece for Exercise 2.3 has taken forever. My last post shows the beginnings of (and failed first attempt at) this idea. The parameters were A3 size, solid colored background, only one object (still related to the tea time theme) and still focusing on line.

Again, I used watercolor to make my own background. Then I cut various fabric shapes and layered them horizontally to create the water:


Then, on another paper, I cut vertical strips from assorted papers and overlapped:


which I then cut out to create mountains:


A bit of sketching for finishing ideas:


Adding some silver paper to represent steam* finished the piece:

Part Two, Exercise 2.3

Smoke on the Water (Part Two, Exercise 2.3)


I’m not sure that I stuck to the parameters as well as I should have, but overall, I’m very pleased with it!

I learned a lot about collage, mixing materials and the different effects that can produce. I learned I like working with fabric more than paper, but I also like the way they contrast each other, and how the different prints on both meld together when you step back. Also, that glue and I have a mutual dislike of each other.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title, blame my brother Rob  for telling me the finished pieces need one.
*Thanks Rob and Charlie for the steam idea!

Well, that didn’t work…

This idea:

IMG_2073became this:

IMG_2074a bit sloppy, but I don’t see enough potential to pursue.

Then this:

IMG_2073became this:

IMG_2081One exercise calls for a solid colored background, and I decided to create that with watercolor. Then went on to watercolor and cut papers for the mountains and cup. Again, I don’t care for the end result at all, but still think the idea has potential.

Line Collage

Exercise 2.3 involves two A3 size collages, one white background, one plain colored background. Then an A4 and A5 collage, all of one object.

For the A3, white background, I wanted to explore using randomly cut straight and curved lines to form the outline of an object.

I started with this:


And it became this:

Part Two, Exercise 2.3

Part Two, Exercise 2.3

Not particularly interesting. So I thought, what if I cut out the shape’s outline in one continuous piece, but on 4 different papers, cut those up and reassembled them:

Part Two, Exercise 2.3I liked this much better, it reminded me of a quilt, but felt it needed more:

Part Two, Exercise 2.3I’m rather pleased with this one. The colors work well together, and the contrast provides interest. It makes me wonder how it would look if the same papers were woven, then cut out into the cup shape.