Super Bowl Baking

We did not have a Super Bowl party, but #2 son was over (hi Dan! This is a test to see if you’re reading my blog…), so it seemed like a good excuse to bake two recipes from The Book.

For the main course, Pizza Rustica:

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven

It called for a lattice-top crust, but I ran out of flour and so used 1/4 c. corn flour, which made my dough a bit crumbly and hard to work with.


The filling is made of eggs, ricotta, mozzarella, pecorino and dried sausage (I used sopressata). It’s kind of a cross between a quiche and a calzone, maybe? The crust is a bit too sweet for my taste, even if it weren’t a savory filling. I am glad I went to the Italian market for the higher quality meat and cheese, as that’s what makes the dish!

For dessert, Luxury Oatmeal Cookies:


In typical Rose fashion, first you make homemade granola, instead of just using oats. I love her attention to detail, and think that step was absolutely worth it. These granola/raisin/chocolate chip filled cookies are very, very tasty!



Last weekend, I made Babka, and it is very addicting! I had to instantly freeze what wasn’t eaten immediately, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop grabbing a slice every time I walked through the kitchen.

Of course, I forgot to take a picture before cutting...

Of course, I forgot to take a picture before cutting…

Couldn’t find my Bundt pan, so had to rig one:


Springform pan, with ramekin in center

Worked fine, though since it wasn’t rounded at the bottom, I should have put the dough in seam-side down, as I didn’t flip it over after it was cooked. Purely aesthetics, though, it tasted wonderful! The dough starts with a biga, and I love any recipe that involves multiple days, so I followed all the overnight rising options, for the biga and the dough. It’s a lovely, sweet dough, that baked up very tender. It could be used in so many forms. I loved the almond filling, and would like to try it again with both the Chocolate-Almond and Apricot-Cream Cheese options!

Hungry now?

Hungry now?

More Baking

Made two more recipes these last weeks. The quite tasty, but sadly un-photographed Coffee Crumb Cake Muffins, and the Marble White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake.


Not a great picture, but a wonderful cheesecake! You know how your basic cheesecake has a graham cracker crumb crust? In typical Rose fashion, this one has a chocolate sponge sheet cake that you bake, and then cut to line the pan. And the filling with both white and dark chocolate, very nice!


I was wary of scooping too far down and gouging the sponge cake when swirling, so it’s more layered than marbled. Did not seem to bother my guys who ate it, though!

Cook the Book


A Christmas gift from #2 son, this is the latest in my collection of Rose’s cookbooks. I love them all, and since this one covers a variety of baked goods, I’ve decided to, a la Julie Powell, cook the book. (Not terribly original, but fun, and I’m not the only one to tackle it)

I started on 12/26, with Kouigns Amann, (that’s the pastry on the cover, and it was fabulous!), as well as the Molasses Sugar Butter Cookies, which I can’t wait to make again! I used the same Kouigns pastry recipe for a savory version on 12/29, with a goat cheese, mushroom & leek filling that was very good. That same day,  I also made the Classic Brioche, which I used for the Sugar Rose Brioche (not a favorite, a bit dry and bland) and the Caramel Buns (minus caramel, just cinnamon roles, but really good ones!). That’s when I decided to  make a recipe each week, until I’ve made them all, and blog about it.


English Dried Fruit Cake

1/3: made 4 mini-loaves, with enough batter left for 7 muffins, omitted the rum. This is nothing like what you think of when you hear ‘fruit cake’. It is very, very good! I froze three of the small loaves, and the one that we’ve thawed was just as good as the fresh one. It makes a wonderful breakfast bread, and I’d like to try a GF/dairy-free version.

The Ischler

The Ischler

 1/11: What’s not to like? Tender almond shortbread-style cookies, yummy chocolate ganache filling and a great name! If I write my own cookie recipe, it will definitely have ‘The’ in front. The only change I made was accidental. I overcooked the apricot jam when reducing (causing my measuring cup to melt!), so they are missing that. My brother is going to be happy about it, but I think they would have been better as written. Of course they would, it’s Rose. She always knows best…