A wonderful weekend at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, aka Rhinebeck!


Gorgeous Fall Colors

Gorgeous Fall Colors



Wish I’d taken one of these guys home



or this guy!


My partner in crime

My partner in crime, Denise, aka Executive Knitter


Lovely train ride along the Hudson

Lovely train ride along the Hudson

And for Harrison, the money shot:


Clockwise from top: Foxhill Farms Cormo DK; Magpie Fibers Swanky DK (L-R: Nightrain, Out of the Blue, Wild Blue Yonder); Dirty Water Dyeworks Lillian (Wheat and Blue Drizzle gradient); Just Our Yarns Almaza (skein for weft) Aziza (spools for warp); Neighborhood Dye Company Rustic Fingering (L-R Charles Centre, Station North, Upton); Miss Babs Kunlun (Blackwatch).
Middle (all laceweight): Still River Farms Cameloo; Victory Farm Paco-Vicuna ‘Lily’, Windy Valley Quiviuk, (50% Quiviut/50% Mulberry Silk).

6 thoughts on “Rhinebeck

    • There’s scarves and sweaters and cowls, oh my! Hopefully, I’ll have some progress to show soon. Shall we set the over/under on how long it takes me to knit it all? Anyone who knows me will take the over, no matter what that date is!

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