Baking and Birthdays

We have two September birthdays* in our family, and I baked from the book for both.

Actually, first there was a peach galette back in August sometime for no reason whatsoever:


Went so fast, I couldn’t get a picture of it whole!

These were intended for my dad, whose birthday is the 14th:

The Dutch Pecan Sandies

The Dutch Pecan Sandies

As I’ve said before, any cookie whose name begins with ‘The’ appeals to me. And these definitely appealed to me! I can usually bake cookies, have one or two out of the oven, and leave it there. These I could not stop eating! A bit salty, not too sweet, and very delicate. Too delicate to mail, actually. I think my dad would have gotten a box of crumbs had I tried, at least that’s what the guys here said. Maybe they just wanted to eat them… Sorry Daddy, I owe you a batch of cookies!

But most importantly, the 10th was the 28th birthday of this guy, son #2:

Dan, the birthday boy on the left, Brent, soon to be married!, on the right

Dan, the birthday boy on the left, Brent, soon to be married!, on the right

He googled to figure out the most complicated recipe in the book**, and this was his choice:


White Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Mousseline

The white chocolate makes for a wonderful cake, the topping seems light (I know what’s in it, trust me, it isn’t actually light), and the tartness of the raspberries keeps it all from being too sweet. Definitely worth the trouble!

*oops, sorry Kristyn! 

**ok, I made that part up. He probably just went by the picture and title. Maybe.

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