One down

The first scarf is off the loom, blocked, fringe trimmed and ready to wear. I’m really very pleased with this one!


It has a lovely drape and is incredibly soft.

I love the way the 3-1 twill creates such distinctive sides:

Front and back, post-blocking

Front and back, post blocking

Best compliment, from Son #4, “You could wear this and people would ask where you bought it.” High praise, indeed!


Details: on loom- 13 1/4″ x 73″, 9.8 PPI

Off loom- 13 3/4″ x 68″

Post blocking- 13″ x 65″, 12 PPI

Ravelry link

So, on to the rest of the warp, choosing a different weft and perhaps a 2-2 twill this time?

7 thoughts on “One down

  1. Oh Lyn, this is beautiful. I can’t believe how difficult this must be. I’ve never made anything with my hands…well, mud pies don’t count…so I’m blown away by your creativity, tenacity, and your ability to make something so grand. Congrats!


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