One down

The first scarf is off the loom, blocked, fringe trimmed and ready to wear. I’m really very pleased with this one!


It has a lovely drape and is incredibly soft.

I love the way the 3-1 twill creates such distinctive sides:

Front and back, post-blocking

Front and back, post blocking

Best compliment, from Son #4, “You could wear this and people would ask where you bought it.” High praise, indeed!


Details: on loom- 13 1/4″ x 73″, 9.8 PPI

Off loom- 13 3/4″ x 68″

Post blocking- 13″ x 65″, 12 PPI

Ravelry link

So, on to the rest of the warp, choosing a different weft and perhaps a 2-2 twill this time?

Endings & Beginnings

Wrapped and burned Tulle, found bolts and washers, wire

Wrapped and burned Tulle, found bolts and washers, wire

After over a year spent working on the Foundations: Textiles course from OCA, I’ve realized that it isn’t taking me where I want to go. This is a mixed media art course, rather than a purely textiles course, with minimal teacher/tutor support. While this may be perfect for many students, personally I need a bit more guidance, a more hands-on, textile-based practice. I’m withdrawing from the course, though I plan to finish the last assignments independently, but without the time & expense¬†of submission and the lengthy analytical posts. (What, you’re not sorry to be denied my artistic navel-gazing?!)


I’ve learned a great deal this past year, been introduced to amazing artists and found some wonderful resources that I will continue to use. Understanding the important role research and sketchbook work can play is probably the most valuable thing I’ll take away from this experience. However, weaving is the area I really want to focus on, and am looking forward to Rebecca Mezoff‘s Tapestry Weaving course, starting in September!

Burnt edges

Burnt edges