More Baking

More recipes from The Baking Bible.

Two weeks ago, I made the Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Cake:


First, you make a sponge cake, very lovely and light, which is used to line a loaf pan. Then a chocolate custard (seriously, I could have stopped right there and just eaten that), cooled and folded into stiff egg white for the mousse. Fill the pan, and a layer of cake to seal, and voila!


Very good, though I think if I made it again, I’d layer the cake and mousse. I’d like a higher ratio of cake and think it would look prettier.

This morning, Irish Cream Scones:


I’m not a huge scone fan, but these are quite good and make me look forward to baking the other scone recipe, especially as it has a raspberry butterscotch sauce.

Non-baking related, but fun, my Meyer Lemon Tree only produced three lemons this year, so I didn’t want to waste them. I used the peel to infuse olive oil  (the Dragon Blood) and the juice to make a simple syrup for cocktails (the Snake Oil):


A Christmas gift from #4 (and youngest) son, I absolutely love these fabulous bottles!

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