Reiko Sudo

Japanese textile designer Reiko Sudo, b. 1958, is one of the founders of Nuno Corporation. Nuno is Japanese for cloth or fabric, and the company, which started in 1984, works with Japanese weavers and dyers to create beautiful and original textiles. One of the most iconic pieces is Origami Pleats. In this video, Reiko talks about how they came up with the process for making the scarf, by visiting one of the oldest printmaking factories in Japan and seeing the molds they used there.

Reiko Sudo’s own work can be seen at MOMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, BMA and more. The fabrics in those collections are innovative and varied in material and execution. There are copper and brass-based fabrics that have movement and a liquid-like surface. Some are more like lace, made from nylon, or even packing tape! Cracked Cloth was created by using an acid to burn the rayon, but not the polyester parts of the fabric. My favorite is Jelly Fish Fabric (polyester), a theme that Sudo returns to repeatedly.

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