Christmas in the City


Christmas in the City

The last collage for Exercise 2.4, this idea came to me after a weekend of Christmas preparation. My husband and I had started with buying our tree, and carrying it home through the city with our son. The next morning, we went to the Farmer’s Market for wreaths, all very idyllic. On our way to lunch, we inadvertently drove through one of the worst sections of Baltimore, and the contrast between our Christmas and what I expected it might look like to the people in that neighborhood seemed striking.

The assignment asked for it to be an A2 size, but the design I had in mind didn’t lend itself to being folded for assessment, and I didn’t think the design gained anything from the larger size. I made the background from tea-stained pictures, contrasting that with the bright, primary colors of the wine bottle-as-snowglobe tree. It doesn’t have the impact I had hoped for. I wonder if it’s the lack of people. Perhaps a smaller ‘snowglobe,’ with a Victorian scene of Christmas morning, and people in the background scenes?

2 thoughts on “Christmas in the City

  1. To me the lack of people fits with the idea that their situation isn’t seen when others are celebrating. What is the significance of the bottle shape? Perhaps as well as scale a change of texture could help – the gleam and shininess of the bottle, or glitter on the tree. Or (probably a step too far) being able to see dimly through the bottle, maybe in a distorted way.

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  2. Thanks for your thoughts, the texture idea is a good one. The bottle shape is there only because the exercises for part two had a tea theme, and I got conflicting answers about leaving it for 2.4, so I compromised by changing shapes. A straight snow globe shape would be better, I think.


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