Line Collage

Exercise 2.3 involves two A3 size collages, one white background, one plain colored background. Then an A4 and A5 collage, all of one object.

For the A3, white background, I wanted to explore using randomly cut straight and curved lines to form the outline of an object.

I started with this:


And it became this:

Part Two, Exercise 2.3

Part Two, Exercise 2.3

Not particularly interesting. So I thought, what if I cut out the shape’s outline in one continuous piece, but on 4 different papers, cut those up and reassembled them:

Part Two, Exercise 2.3I liked this much better, it reminded me of a quilt, but felt it needed more:

Part Two, Exercise 2.3I’m rather pleased with this one. The colors work well together, and the contrast provides interest. It makes me wonder how it would look if the same papers were woven, then cut out into the cup shape.

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