Warm Up, Mark Making Ex. 0.3

Negative Marks


Masking fluid, ink wash.

I applied the masking fluid with a sponge, brushes, drawing stick and stamps, then brushed over with thinned-out India ink. The masking fluid is a bit difficult to control, but easy to see while using, and creates perfect negative space.


China Marker (L), Oil Pastel (R), Ink Wash on top.

The marker and white pastel are very hard to see on the paper as you’re drawing. I made the marks a few days before I covered the paper in ink, so it was a little surprise, seeing the designs unfold. These were easier to control than the fluid. They don’t have the same pop of white, instead give a more ghostly feel.

Black ink background, white ink on top.

The white ink over the dark allows some of the black to show through, especially when feathered with the toothbrush. It gives a softer feel, not so stark, though the splatters are bold.

Also tried graphite and masking fluid, which gave a nice clean line against the horizontal pencil marks, when removed. Something I’d like to experiment with further. Used fixative on the graphite, so as not to smudge while removing the fluid.

Note to self: don’t use fixative indoors! Pretty sure breathing that in shortened my life span 😉

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