Warm Up, Mark Making Ex 0.2

Since I started the coursework weeks before this blog, I’m playing a bit of catch up with my earlier work. In Ex. 0.2, we are asked to explore unconventional tools.

IMG_1674I used a variety of things, including a toothbrush; row counter, point protector and DPN  (knitting gadgets); from the park, spiky balls (no idea what these are actually called), a weed, a stone; a rag; buttons.

IMG_1693This sheet uses India ink with some of the tools. The weed was too flimsy to give the feathery effect I was hoping for.

The row counter (top left) produced an interesting pattern when stuck on the DPN (which allowed it to roll), and held a surprising amount of ink.

The swirled marks on the right side are from the spiky balls, which I liked the look of as the ink wore off.

The point protector also held a large amount of ink, making for bold marks, such as the round circle on bottom, and above that are the ‘chicken scratches’ made with a wire button used as a stamp.

IMG_1694This next sheet is all graphite. Top left, a plain rubbing with feathering using toothbrush (L) and spiky ball (R); bottom left using a sponge (R) and rock (L).

Top right, attempted a rubbing with the dragon button, but between the curved shape and thick paper, it didn’t work.

In the end, I produced 3-4 sheets, using all the items in various ways. I think this exercise helps me think outside the box about what constitutes a tool for art, therefore making me more likely to use whatever I have on hand. Also, to have less attachment to what I anticipate a tool will do, and be more open to its different, unexpected possibilities.

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