Warm Up, Mark Making Ex. 0.1

These exercises, 0.1-0.4, are all about playing with tools, both conventional and not, and trying different mediums and techniques. The first sheet, I simply tried out the different graphite pencils, to get a feel for range of hard to soft, and the second sheet, I used the word prompts:


This sheet was my first tine playing with India Ink, which I enjoyed using:


Especially using the India Ink pens, here just playing in my sketchbook:


The finer pens are almost like markers. At the other end, SB is more like a paintbrush.

Even though it had less control, I liked the character it gave to the sketch:

IMG_1667I also did other sheets using markers (or Sharpies); black & white wax (combined with ink or graphite); graphite while holding the pencils differently, or moving my arm from the wrist vs. elbow (surprising how much difference that can make).

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